The Malone Comic Con was the idea of Case Degeon and Megan Manson, both Directors of the Malone Chamber of Commerce, who wanted to bring together a larger family oriented community event to Malone. Inspired by the recent surge in Superhero entertainment and the theme of the Malone Winter Carnival, the two devised to create their own Comic Con (modeled after popular comic book conventions).


The 2016 event hosted 22 vendors which included comic book artists and writers from the North Country and Vermont, brought together the support of other conventions such as CAPE from Cornwall Ontario and Vermont Comic Con from Burlington, VT and promoted local businesses like Plattsburgh’s Medusa Comics and Cards and Ekrub Players of Burke, NY. The Malone Comic Con also entertained members of the New England Garrison 501st (real live Storm Troopers from Star Wars) and many other local and far traveling cosplayers.


Over 300 people from Malone and around the area attended the event. The Malone Comic Con successfully profited and donated the proceeds back the Malone Chamber of Commerce, which will be reinvested in other community projects and events.